Eat your fruits and veggies

Put away the canned peaches and frozen peas—June is Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month and it’s time to rejoice for hand-picked produce. Guaranteed not to make your kids hide food in their napkins, here are fruits and veggies, by the numbers…

5 Minimum number of fruit and vegetable servings recommended daily for most active adults. (To find out exactly how many servings are recommended for you or your child, based on your age and activity level, visit

24.6 Percent of Illinois residents who say they eat fruits and vegetables more than five times a day, according to a poll by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

2 Rank of Illinois on the list of top corn producers in the United States. Iowa ranks number one.$15,000,000,000 Amount Americans spent on organically farmed foods last year. 

$25,408,198 Amount moviegoers spent at the box office to see"Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie” in 2002. A new VeggieTales film is planned for release in early 2008.

1893 Year the United States Supreme Court decided that the tomato, in the context of trade tariffs, would be classified as a vegetable. Ruling aside, botanists and schoolchildren everywhere still know the tomato is a fruit.

26.2 Pounds of bananas the average person in the United States consumes every year, making the banana—not the apple—America’s favorite.

92 Percent of a watermelon's weight that is made up of water—the highest percentage of any fruit.0 Number of grams of fat in a medium-sized baked potato.

10.6 Number of grams of fat in a 1-ounce serving of plain, salted potato chips. You say potato, I say clogged arteries.

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