It’s easy to think green

Kermit sits atop the book shelf in our office.

After all, few frogs are as philosophical or as wise as this guy.

So, when he says,"It’s not easy being green,” one has to listen.

Yet, it’s easy to enjoy green. And, after a long winter, who knows better how to appreciate the many nuances of green than those of us in the Chicago area?

Green is hopeful. You know there is more to come when a small shoot of green squeezes its way through the cold spring ground at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Green can mean plenty—a garden of green assures us we will be fed as kids will learn at The Garfield Park Conservatory’s Green& Growing Fair or at the Garden in a City sponsored by the Chicago Park District.

Green can also speak of devilishness—the green dye they use on the Chicago River to mark St. Patrick’s Day or the snot green that kids can manufacture at the Grossology exhibit.

Or it can be Kermit green—as you can discover at the Morton Arboretum’s Frog Frenzy on May 5.

But I also love green because it’s my son’s favorite color. He explains why in much the way I imagine Kermit would:"I like green because it’s green.”

Susy Schultz

Grossology Live

This is the science of the human body in all its grossness. We love the Health World Children’s Museum in Barrington. Visit the vomit center or the burp and belch station. So where’s the green in all this besides on the faces of parents walking out of the vomit center? The It’s Not Snot demonstration. The resident grossologist will discuss why our bodies produce snot and then show the kids how to make snot with slimy crafty products. (847) 842-9100,

St. Patrick’s Day

The city of Chicago’s parade honoring those who hail from the Emerald Isle steps off the curb at noon on March 11 from Columbus Drive at Balboa Drive. You can line the Columbus and watch as the parade heads north to its end at Monroe Avenue.

Frog Frenzy

The Morton Arboretum is going to teach you about these wonderful amphibians from 7-9:30 p.m. May 5. (This is for those ages 9-12.) You’ll start indoors and learn about a frog’s life and its habitat. Once it starts getting dusky, you’ll hike to the wetland to listen, catch, study and release frogs. (630) 968-0074,


Two interesting events will teach about planting. The Garfield Park Conservatory’s Green& Growing Fair has children’s activities from noon to 3 p.m. April 29. (312) 746-5100, And the Chicago Park District’s Garden in a City show will run from May 13-21 in the downtown Grant Park. Kids can get dirty and learn about urban planting with their parents. (312) 742-PLAY (7529),


Lizards and the Komodo King dragon will be part of a new exhibit opening April 8 at Shedd Aquarium. OK, the Komodo that will be on display is not quite green—but some Komodos are. Plus, there will be other shades of green lizards, such as bearded dragons, caiman lizards, chameleons and geckos. (312) 939-2426,

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