Easter basket gift ideas for babies and toddlers

Easter is one of those holidays that is so much more fun when you have little ones running around. From egg hunts to bunny brunches, there’s excitement in kids’ eyes that is contagious. I’m a huge fan of Easter baskets and filling them with non-traditional gifts. Here are my favorite ideas for the under-three set.

Personal Creations Easter baskets

Growing up, I always received a white wicker basket on Easter Sunday. And while I can’t deny the sweet simplicity of that, I’m really loving all the “upgraded” options for kids today. My favorites are from Personal Creations. There is a ton of variety, from soft plush furry friends to sports– and dance-themed options, making it easy to find the perfect one for somebunny you love. Personalization is free and you can even choose to have the basket delivered pre-filled with treats.

Personal Creations Easter baskets retail for $19.99+.

Happy Family Clearly Crafted pouches

As yummy as they are, chocolate bunnies and sugary sweet marshmallows obviously aren’t made for babies. Skip the candy and fill up your bambino’s basket with the new Clearly Crafted line from Happy Family. The clear packaging allows you to see exactly what’s inside, from pears, squash and blackberries to apples, guavas and beets. Each pouch is filled with so much good stuff, I’m tempted to add some to my four-year-old’s basket, too!

Happy Family Clearly Crafted pouches retail for $1.79-$2.19.

HABA Shakin Eggs

These brightly colored wooden shaker toys are a safer alternative to plastic eggs. The perfect size for little hands, they’re great for developing motor skills. Your toddler will love how each egg makes a new, silly sound.

HABA Shakin Eggs retail for $19.99 (set of five).

HABA Clutching Toy Chick

Few things will sour baby’s mood quicker than pain from teething. Help make it a little more manageable with this sweet and functional toy. Refrigerate the removable baby chick for cool relief for sore gums.

The HABA Clutching Toy Chick retails for $12.49.

Indestructibles baby books

These resilient little books can take a beating and still look and feel brand new. Let your baby bookworms go to town trying to eat them or rip them apart. Trust me, they’ll hold up.

Indestructibles baby books retail for $5.95.

Milestone Easter printable photo cards

Whether it’s baby’s first Easter or third, remember the occasion with these free printables from Milestone. Download them, print them out and snap a photo. Easy! And instead of throwing them out after, jot down a few fun facts on the back–such as what was in this year’s Easter basket!–and save it for the baby book.

Milestone Easter printable photo cards are free to download.

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