Turning forty … forever

Yes, it has finally happened. A few weeks ago, I left my glorious thirties to move on to bigger and better, and well, older things in life.

Just a decade ago, I was frantically planning my wedding and the thought of turning 40 someday wasn’t really on my radar. So now I sit pondering those deeper thoughts like, what do I want to accomplish in the next ten years? What do I want my children to accomplish in the next ten years? What will life look like at 50? And in spite of all that, the most pressing issue I face, honestly, is what on earth do I wear now that I’ve reached the big four-o?

I’ve never been a Fashionista, but do have a taste for the finer threads in life. Trends are something I rarely follow, unless I really feel drawn to them. I have a soft spot for Italian shoes and unique handbags, and am always on the look-out for a good bargain.

And since I became a Mama 6 1/2 years ago, what little fashion priority I had has dissipated into thin air. On many days, I could be the shining star of the show “What Not to Wear”. Though to my own credit, this is not based on a lack of fashion sense, but laziness, kids needs coming first, and downright practicality.

Now I have added the age issue to the Mama issue, and instead of death-by-fashion, I have decided to create a plan. A fashion-over-forty-for-me plan. Here are my priorities: classic over trend, bargain over breaking the bank, age appropriate and most of all mother-proof.In other words, I’m thinking of opening a new clothing store that offers all of this and more:”Forever – Forty”.Because I have no desire to look or dress like I am Forever Twenty – One.It makes me squirm when I see women don the latest teen fashion as though they actually look good in it.And even if by some twist of fate they have the body for it, it still just looks wrong to dress like someone that could be your daughter, or niece.Maybe I’m just too old school, but I want to look good, feel good, and be dressed appropriately fun for my age at any given point in my future.

The only thing left is to convince my husband I need a clothing allowance to make this wardrobe wish come true.Maybe I will bribe him with some his-and-hers shopping where we both get to buy new things for ourselves, not the kids like we usually do.So wish me luck on my new fashion-venture, and if I ever really open the store, you’ll be the first to know.

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