Meet the Bloggers: Heather

Welcome to my corner of the Chi-Town blog! I am here to take you on a trip around the world by parenting in Uptown, where we speak over 70 different languages and are a melting pot of people representing hundreds of nationalities, socioeconomic classes, cultures, foods, and types of entertainment. Here you will get to see Uptown through my eyes: a vibrant yet historical hidden gem of a neighborhood.

I have lived in Uptown for almost nine years and have learned a few secrets along the way. We will visit playgrounds of the world, watch pig delivery on Argyle street (more to come on that), eat award-winning French pastries, Vietnamese pho, Ethiopian injera and Pakistani aloo gobi, watch West African hair braiding, and go to (or dream about going to) concerts at the Aragon, The Riv and The Green Mill, and comedy shows at The Annoyance.

We will also be reading our way through books about, or set in, Uptown, talking about living with gangs, and going on some historical walking tours (think stroller workout) focused on different areas of the neighborhood. So bring your kids along, and let’s go do some global parenting in Chicago.

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