Dr. Smith’s Launch

Chicago celebrity parents, Bill and Giuliana Rancic, kicked off the official launch of Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment in the Windy City and in Walgreens stores across the country Sept. 13. Chicago Parent and its team of bloggers were at the event, held at RPM Italian Restaurant, to help announce Dr. Smith’s arrival.

Chicago Parent Blog Network Blogger David Wallach, far right,got plenty of shoutouts from Bill Rancic as the only dad blogger atthe event. He went above and beyond putting Dr. Smith’s ointment tothe test, tasting it and rubbing it in his eye, because he knowsthat’s what his son would do. (It’s not recommended as a foodgroup.)

Chicago Parent was well represented at the event. From left toright, Publisher Dan Haley, Advertising Sales Representative DawnEngelhardt, Digital Editor Graham Johnston, Associate EditorElizabeth Diffin, Bill Rancic, Giuliana Rancic, Digital ContentManager Jackie McGoey, and advertising sales representatives,Lourdes Nicholls and Walter Burden.

Chicago Parent’s marketing team, 2MomsMedia’s Caitlin MurrayGiles and Sara Fisher, recruited the bloggers who will review Dr.Smith’s Diaper Ointment for Chicago parents.

Publisher Dan Haley and Advertising Sales Representative DawnEngelhardt enjoyed getting to know more about Dr. Smith’s, whichwas developed in 1963 and is now sold through the Mission PharmacalCompany.

For more information on Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment, go toDoctorSmiths.com.

“As a mother of twins, and a user of Dr. Smith’s, I am excitedto share my personal experience about our diaper ointment withother moms and dads,” said Natalie Sirjuesingh, senior vicepresident of marketing for Mission Pharmacal. “We want to spreadthe message that Dr. Smith’s is a quality product that offers momsa soothing, gentle cream that can be applied to even the mostirritated baby bottoms, with an ability to help eliminate the moststubborn diaper rashes.”

She is pictured here with Allan Avery, director of consumermarketing for Mission Pharmacal.

Just a few of the Chicago Parent bloggers on hand to learn moreabout Dr. Smith’s.

Everyone fell in love with the May cover baby, 8-month-oldJackson Alexander Brighty, of Chicago.

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