Ditch the kids at … Atwood Caf

Date night. For many, these two words equal pure joy and anticipation.

It’s fun to get all dolled-up and paint the ‘burbs red, or at least a really deep shade of burnt umber.

But while I love a good evening on the town, there is many a Saturday night when the jammie-pant sirens succeed in luring me onto the sofa, accessorized by a monster bowl of popcorn and a Dean Martin flick.

After soccer games, karate class, a guitar lesson, bedroom cleaning and a trip to Target to replace holey jeans, by 8 p.m., I’m finished.

So this month I decided to take my man out for another “Date Day.”

We chose to indulge in a quiet brunch at the elegantly hip Atwood Café, housed with Hotel Burnham in the historically stunning Reliance Building. Located at the corners of State and Washington streets in downtown Chicago, it’s a serene spot right in the middle of the city.

We sat near one of the floor-to-ceiling windows on a gray velvet settee that had “tres chic” written all over it (and not in the same way my couch has stuff written all over it).

First up were a few signature cocktails. Jon had the original Bloody Mary and I went for the classic Peach Bellini. A great way to whet our “without-kids” whistle.

Then it was on to the first course: homemade apple cider doughnuts. These are a show-stopper. The thing you’d text home about.

Next came my lovely egg-white frittata with wild mushrooms, spinach and goat cheese and Jon’s smoked salmon. They were both beautifully done and amazingly yummy.

For more than an hour we sipped and ate and really talked to each other. And we were both awake enough to really enjoy it.

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