Dinos invade Gail Borden Library in Elgin

It’s time to check out the latest dinosaur exhibit to hit Chicagoland. Would you be surprised to know that they’re waiting for you at a library? Yes, you heard that right. Dinosaurs have now invaded the Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin.

If you go

Gail Borden Public Library

270 N. Grove Ave, Elgin, IL

Through Sept. 24

The library has gone all out with its latest exhibit, Dinosaur Giants. You won’t believe the museum-likeness! The dinosaurs are spread out over two floors, so kids are encouraged to grab a map and go on their very own scavenger hunt to find 18 dig sites. Little dino hunters will be amazed at the skeleton replicas, especially those of Jobaria, a giant sauropod that is 33 feet long, and the crocodile-like Suchomimus.

There’s ton of dino fun to be had besides looking at the amazing dinosaur replicas. Touch dinosaur bones or learn more about the expedition of Dr. Paul Sereno. And don’t miss out on all the dino photo ops, including a chance to take a pic in front of a green screen. Email the photo, and minutes later a photo with you and a t-rex will appear. On certain days, kids will also love the chance to participate in a fossil dig.

If you time if correctly, you’ll see the library has also added fun dino programs to tie in to the theme. Participate in dino storytimes, build your own egg pinatas, become a T. rex-plorer and so much more! They also hold dinosaur tours on certain days. Check their website for times.

Don’t forget to sign up for the cool summer reading program, “Reading is Gigantic!” Kids that turn in their reading log can win cool prizes including a grand prize of a one-year membership to The Field Museum.

Read more about our visit to Gail Borden Public Library’s #DinosaurGiants with more pics here.

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