Easy, pre-made dinner ideas for new moms

The one common reality of life with a newborn is lack of time, especially when it comes to getting a homemade meal on the table. Eventually friends stop dropping off meals and treats. Rather than spend hours cooking while bouncing your new bundle of joy, here are a few alternate ways to serve your family healthy meals without toiling away in your kitchen.

Instead of tolling away in the kitchen, try one of these easy pre-made dinner ideas.

Dream Dinners

  • 2124 W. Belmont Ave., (773) 697-4289
  • 740 N. Damen Ave., Chicago,(312) 733-4060

With two city locations, Dream Dinners is the ideal optionfor new moms who like to cook but don’t have the time for all theprep work that goes into each meal. With Dream Dinners, you selecta certain number of meals from the wide variety of optionsavailable each month and go to one of their locations where theprep work has already been done for you. You just assemble themeals with their easy instructions, put them into Ziploc bags andpop them into your freezer at home. Literally an hour or two ofassembling at their store gets you dinners for a month! Then youjust defrost a meal and follow the quick cooking instructions, andit’s a delicious dream-come-true for a sleep-deprivedmama.

Meez Meals

With a cooler packed with fresh ingredients delivereddirectly to your door, it’s hard for new moms not to love MeezMeals. All the ingredients already are prepped and you just followthe included step-by-step instructions and dinner is on the tablein no time. The dinners are vegetarian and each week there are fivemeals based on what’s fresh and in season. Meez Meals is a truetime saver, eliminating the need for meal planning, groceryshopping and prep work.

Johnny Casserole

Taking care of a new baby can be exhausting. They saybreastfeeding burns an extra 500 calories, so treat yourself tosome delicious, homemade comfort food. Nothing beats a homemadecasserole, and Johnny Casserole delivers. All you have to do it popit in the oven. From creamy chicken pot pie to tasty tuna casseroleto the cheesiest mac-n-cheese, these dinners will hit the spot andrequire almost no effort on your part. It’s the ideal and deliciousdinner solution for any hard-working mom.

Moment for Mom

With a newborn in the house, mom often is last on thepriority list, especially when it comes to eating. Moment for Momwas designed to give mama that special loving she deserves withfresh prepared meals made specifically for her and delivereddirectly to her door. It goes beyond just dinner and offers anentire day or week of meals, including snacks and desserts. Thereare a variety of packages available, such as “dinners for two” andeven “one-handed meals.”

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