Devin Hester spreading car love to his son

It’s been a strange off-season with the NFL lockout, but I’m grateful for all of the time I’ve been able to spend with Devin Jr. He’s at such a fun little age, and I can definitely see things firing in his brain. He’s getting such a unique personality.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Devin Jr. and me. He’s a little me for sure. Not only do I think he looks a lot like me, but we’re on the same page when it comes

to goofing around and having fun. I’m a kid at heart-I love games, toys and goofing around. The toys he likes and the toys I like at this point in our lives are certainly different, but I have no doubt he’s going to be like me when he grows up.

I love remote control cars, and Devin Jr. loves watching me play with them around the house and neighborhood. He gets a huge kick out of it when I get them going really fast and make them turn quickly or make them crash. He laughs so hard when I get them doing crazy things.

One thing Devin and I definitely have in common right now is cars. Not the movie and not the little ones you play with (although I do love getting down on the ground and playing with them when Devin is around)-I’m talking about the real ones. I love buying tricked out cars and cars that have been totally restored. It’s a guilty pleasure, for sure, and I have some cars in my garage that I’m very proud of.

I love going to car shows, too. I’ve taken Devin to a couple of them and he loves them just about as much as I do. People don’t expect to see an NFL player at a car show, but it’s such fun quality time with Devin. I’m sure most fathers can relate to what I’m saying-there’s just something about spending time with your son at a car show!

There are a ton of car shows around Chicago. Go for a huge list. I took Devin to the Chicagoland All Wheel Show in Mundelein this summer. I’m not sure if we went more for him, or more for me. It was fun, though, and they had some very cool cars and motorcycles.

Devin held my hand and just pointed at them all. I’m not sure if he just thinks they’re big toy cars, but he smiled a lot. He just knows they’re pretty and they sound fast, which is enough to hook just about any little kid.

Hanging around cars with my son is a lot of fun. Hopefully as he grows older, he’ll appreciate all of the hard work that goes into restoring old cars as much as I do. That Saturday in Mundelein was one to remember for sure.

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