How about a date night this weekend?

Memorial Day weekend tends to be synonymous with events and travel, but if you can free up your Sunday night, get a babysitter and come out to Elmhurst Yoga Shala.

On Sunday, May 30th from 6-8 p.m. my husband and I are continuing our series of Zen Parenting classes. Our goal is to encourage a positive relationship with your children and offer tools to make parenting less daunting and more enjoyable.

The first hour is a yoga class…..ok, maybe you don’t do yoga OR your significant other doesn’t want to try yoga. No fear, this class is for beginners (with modifications for more advanced students) and it’s all about self awareness and enjoyment.

Yoga is very personal and wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be (it sounds corny, but believe me, I mean it…..).

There was a time that husband wasn’t interested in yoga either, but to help me get through my teacher training he started practicing with me. He’s a sports freak and has incurred injury after injury, but since practicing yoga his injuries have gradually faded away. Physically he has become more open and flexible and mentally he has found a way to calm his racing mind.

Bottom line is that the yoga practice in this workshop is designed to be fun, clutter clearing, and calming. It’s an opportunity to take care of you (instead of taking care of everybody else!).

Once you are feeling “zen” my husband and I will co-facilitate a parenting discussion on how to effectively communicate with your children. Communication can be tough if you have toddlers, teens or somewhere in between, and we have thoughts and ideas to make the process easier.

One of the keys to sane parenting is discovering how to speak to your kids in a way that they will hear, respect and understand (we will discuss effective listening, too!).

OK, so your significant other still doesn’t want to go…..bring a friend instead! Register as a “couple” and you receive the same discount. If you are interested and everybody else is out of town, just bring yourself….no worries, this is not a “couples only” class.

Click here to read more about the class. Click here to pre-register….if you pre-register you get $10 off!

So you are out of town this weekend, but you are interested…..consider joining us next month or the next….Zen Parenting is the last Sunday of every month.

Upcoming dates and topics:

6/27 - Different Parenting Styles: How to parent as a team 7/25 - New Parents: Taking care of YOU while taking care of your baby 8/29 - Raising Confident Children 

Would love to see you on Sunday, but if I don’t, I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend. Enjoy the family and sunshine!

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