Kids share why their dad is better than the rest

My dad is the best because…

Papí plays with me.

Papí carries me when I’m tired.

Papí’s funny. Papí laughs like this “ha ha” and I laugh “ha ha.”Gisselle, 3

Daddy is the best because he loves us so much.

He gives us special treats.

He drives me to soccer.

Liam, 4, Ewan, 2,  and Miles, 8 months

My Daddy is the best because he takes me on adventures (hiking, biking, walking) and always makes it fun. I always look forward to the next adventure.

Avery, 8

My Daddy is the best. He is a great cook, we have a secret recipe that we make for our family. I love cooking with him and having our secret recipe.

Sloane, 5

My DaDa is the best. He makes me smile.

Harper, 16 months

He always takes us interesting places.

He makes us laugh.

He is very kind.

Valerie, 7

Just because.

He is very handsome.

Because he is mine.

Veronica, 2

He loves us so much!

He helps us garden at school and always helps the environment.

He sings us songs before bedtime.

Ava, 7, and Evan, 4

We have fun.

He’s a superhero.

I get new toys.

Roman, 4

He builds things for me!

We DANCE together every night before bed.

He sneaks and gives me juice and candy and chicken and chips, but ssshhhh don’t tell Mommy!

Rylei-Parker, 23 months

My Dadda is the hardest working guy I know!

I love riding my bike with him while he takes my picture.

My Dadda always lets me help.

Griffin, 2

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