Dabble in different Chicago summer camps

There is one question all too familiar to parents in the summertime: “What summer camps are the kids signed up for?” For some parents, this answer is easy. Those parents are on top of their game. Camp dates were booked months in advance. Heck, lunches are already made and lined up in the freezer, ready for stress-free mornings on the go. By now, their kids are well into their new summer schedules.

Those parents are my heroes. The last day of school has come and gone and I am still having a difficult time committing to lengthy and expensive camps. I have one child who loves summer camp, one who screams bloody murder if I mention summer camp and one too small to understand that he’s too small for summer camp, which results in screaming and kicking as I try to pry him from his brothers’ camps. With my children all over the map, I was about ready to surrender to a camp-less summer. Until I heard about Dabble Kids.

Dabble Kids features camps all over the city, at some of your favorite local venues. There is something for every interest and you are able to try classes by the day or week, or invest in a full summer camp. Here are the five Dabble Kids classes we can’t wait to try in July.

Camp Little Beans

Little Beans Café in Chicago and Evanston, ages 3-9

Flex passes are available which allow you to bring your kids to any five classes throughout the summer, all around your schedule! Each week has a new theme, so your babes can enjoy Circus Week, On The Farm, Music Makers and Tiny Chefs.

Healthy cooking classes

The Kids Table in Wicker Park and Lakeview, ages 4-12

Weekly passes are available all summer. Weekly themes include Superfoods for Super Kids, Oodles of Noodles, Wrap and Roll, Dough-Nuts and more, so sign up for the best week that suits your little ones’ taste buds!

Around the World

Unicoi Art Studio in Roscoe Village, ages 4-12

Daily passes are available. Each day offers a 90-minute art class so you can experience drawing, painting, collage and sculptures from places around the world. Kids will learn about different countries and explore their creative side.

Lego Robotics

The Laboratory, ages 8-12

4-day camp duration. Your child will design robots from their wildest imagination. They will then program their robots to walk, talk and respond to their voice through coding. If your child loves robots, this is a great way for them to learn while having fun.

Art Camp

Art Explorers/Seventh Green Circle in Old Town, ages 4-12

Draw, paint, sculpt and design your own artwork. Camp is purchased by the week. Children will travel around the Old Town neighborhood, searching for inspiration and materials for their art projects. Art and exploration are key components to summer creativity and what better way is there for kids to express themselves than with a group of new friends by their side?

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