The Dads disagree with’s list of what not to say to your kids

Are you still telling your kids they are “smart?” That they “shouldn’t cry?” That you “love them?” Hey, old-fashioned, what gives? A list from that went viral last week says we don’t say those things anymore! The Dads reacted to the first 4 last week – here are the final six.

WDP23: Crying gets the sound out by ChicagoParent

Encouraging your child to do good things by using incentives will only cause them to someday work a job for monetay reward. Everything is a big deal. Crying is awesome. Promises are always kept, and being intelligent is for lazy old Mr. NotTryingHardEnoughs.

Or at least that’s what this list from would like you to believe. It’s hard to imagine that the crusty curmudgeons at White Dad Problems have a problem with these attitudes. Give a listen for their arguments.

And once you’ve listened, subscribe to the full length show on iTunes! It’s free! (But we won’t say it’s “no big deal”, as that will mess you up.) You can even leave a review, after you’ve stopped crying. (Which is a perfectly valid thing to do.) You can also listen (Do note that the show is for adults only.)

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