Create these simple yarn pumpkins for fall decor

Everywhere you turn these days, you see pumpkins. So embrace it and create these sweet, soft little yarn pumpkins to get festive at home. They are fun for parents and kids to make together with just a few supplies. Make them into a garland to hang on your mantle or use them as centerpieces on a table.


Orange yarn

Green pipe cleaner




If you have ever made a yarn pompom, this starts in a similar way. Wrap the orange yarn around your four fingers held together, about 100-130 times. Cut the end from the rest of the yarn ball.

Cut a 10-inch piece of yarn and lay it down horizontally on a table. Carefully slide the orange wrapped yarn from your four fingers and place it on the 10-inch piece of yarn. Pull the sides of the yarn up and together to tie in the middle, pulling taut. The strand of yarn looks like it’s “hugging” the middle of the pompom. Fluff it around to make it look like a basic pumpkin shape.

Cut a 2-inch piece of green pipe cleaner and tie it to the yarn pumpkin using the two loose strands of yarn from the tied point. Then wrap the pipe cleaner around itself to form a stem.

Tuck in any loose loops to make the pumpkin pretty.

To create a garland with twine, use the loose strings on the pumpkin to tie them around the twine and tuck in loose ends. Keep making yarn pumpkins to add to your garland.Instead of garland, the sweet pumpkins also look cute scattered down the center of a table or mixed in with real mini pumpkins.

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