Creative clothespin bird craft dresses up your windows

Bring on spring. Until the migrating birds arrive back in Chicago, there’s still time to create your own. With just a simple clothespin, paint and feathers, you can make birds to hang in the windows and to encourage those real birds to return outside.



Acrylic paint and brushes


Glue or hot glue gun

Small googly eyes

Orange construction paper



Paint the inside and outside of a clothespin with acrylic paint. Start with one color and let dry. Then if desired, with another color, add stripes or dots to liven up your bird. Let dry.


Using glue or a hot glue gun, put two small googly eyes side-by-side near the top of each clothespin. Then cut a tiny triangle from orange construction paper and glue under the eyes. Let dry.


Pick 2-3 feathers for each bird and glue the feathers to the back of the top of the clothespin. Let dry.


Use your new “bird” to clip to artwork on a string and hang from windows.

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