Crane: Getting misty eyed

It might be one of the most common side effects of the common cold, along with that endlessly runny nose, but thanks to Crane‘s critter-shaped cool mist humidifiers, getting misty can be part of the cure instead.

In room humidifiers are one of the best homeopathic, non-medicated ways to relieve nasal congestion during cough, cold and flu season, which is currently upon us full blast in some form or another, but believe it or not, many parents shy away from using one, since it usually brings up images of those clunky, space-taking, not saving, models grandma used to use.

That’s where Crane‘s fun-meets-function concept comes in. The company has been crafting cool mist humidifiers since 2005 that are just for the swingset crowd, meaning that there’s uniquely designed styles depicting everything from Hello Kitty to Thomas the Tank Engine, to Spongebob Squarepants and a sweet Elephant just to name a few.

Better yet, each one gallon water tank in the humidifier runs whisper quiet (I tried it, and was pleasantly surprised to find it’s true – all baby will hear is a super-soft hum) for up to 11 hours, and has an auto off function for when the tank runs out of gas, so to speak.

Cool air output also means curious hands won’t get burned (that alone should leave parents breathing easier), and the tank is removable, making it easy to store under most standard bathroom sinks. The easy-to-access design makes it even easier for parents to clean, which in my mind, lets everyone sleep a little better at night.

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