Monster magnets: Create summer memories with beach rocks

Comb the beach before summer’s end to find the perfect flat and smooth rocks. Instead of just skipping those gems back into the water, bring the rocks home and turn them into monstrous magnets for your fridge.



Flat rocks or large pebbles

Acrylic paints


Craft glue or super glue

Googly eyes

Paint pens or Sharpies




1. Select a beach rock that has a flat and smooth surface. Paint the entire rock with colorful acrylic paint. It may need two coats of paint. Let dry completely.

2. Using googly eyes, create a face on the front side of the rock. Use as many or few eyes as your monster desires.

3. Using either a black paint pen or thin-point Sharpie, draw a mouth on your monster. To create teeth, use a white paint pen or acrylic paint.

4. On the back of the rock, glue a magnet on a flat portion of the rock. Make sure the magnet is large enough to hold the weight of the rock.

5. Once completely dry, decorate your fridge with your summer rock monsters!

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