Paper Heart Wreath Craft

With just some pretty paper and glue dots, you can make heart-filled wreaths to hang around the house for some added love and warmth. This is a great craft to create with your own sweethearts of all ages.


Double-sided scrapbook paper

Glue dots




1. Double-sided scrapbook paper     generally comes in 12-inch squares. Cut the paper into 1.5-inch-wide strips.

2. With each strip, fold the paper in half and connect at the bottom with a glue dot. Then pinch the top arch of the paper down to create the top of the heart and connect with another glue dot. Continue with each paper strip to create the individual hearts.

3. Connect the completed hearts together by using glue dots at the bottom edge of each heart to create a circle.

4. Cut a 12-inch piece of ribbon. Using glue dots, insert the ends of the ribbon into the creases of two hearts.

5. Hang up your love-filled wreaths around the house!

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