Paper Pumpkin ornaments brighten your fall windows

With materials you already have around the house, these adorable paper pumpkins are the ideal craft for a chilly fall afternoon. Make just one or make enough to fill all the windows in your house for a festive fall feel.



Green, orange and brown construction paper

Paper clips or stapler




Cut an orange sheet of construction paper into 1-inch-wide strips, so that each strip will be 1 inch by 11 inches.

Cut the strips into different lengths to create the pumpkin.  You need two 11-inch pieces, two 9-inch pieces, two 7-inch pieces and one 6-inch piece.

Lay out the seven strips with the largest strips on the outside, and work your way into the smallest in the middle. Gather the strips of paper together with the ends flush at one end, and secure with a paperclip or staple.

Line up the opposite ends of the paper together, and secure with a paperclip or staple at the top. It should take the shape of the round pumpkin.

Cut a strip of brown paper to make a stem. Wrap it around a pencil to create a curl, and then secure at the top with the paper clip or staple.

Cut out two leaves from the green paper, and add to the top of the pumpkin.

Add a piece of string at the top, and hang to enjoy.

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