More photos of adorable Chicago Blackhawks babies

Photos by Liz DeCarlo.

Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment provided adorable buckets ofgoodies for our Blackhawks moms.

Bennett Brookbank, 16 months, certainly seemed to love thespotlight!

Colton Keith, 8 months, and Carter Seabrook, 5 months, arealready best buddies.

Dayna Seabrook (left) says she goes to Kelly-Rae Keith (right)for new mom advice.

Bennett’s not so sure what to think about his mom wearing dad’shelmet.

Our biggest accomplishment of the photo shoot? Getting all ofthese babies to stay on the couch!

Love is in the air! Colton Keith, 8 months, seems quite takenwith Sadie Sharp, 3 months.

Kelly-Rae and Colton Keith share a sweet mom/baby moment.

Carter Seabrook’s daddy, Brent, is already getting him ready forlacing up the skates. That helmet’s just a tad too big…

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