No Love Lost: lessons from Courtney Love’s latest trainwreck

For those of you who haven’t been tuned into the washed-up-celebrity gossip this week (I can’t image to what other, more worthwhile endeavors you’ve been dedicating your energy this time of year) you might have missed the latest drama starring Courtney Love, the former grunge frontwoman/ex-wife of Nirvana lead man Kurt Cobain/cocaine addict/celebrity trainwreck.

Add to that list “unfit mother,” according to a court order that abruptly awarded custody of Love and Kobain’s 17-year-old daughter, Francis, to Kobain’s mother. And this week, Francis took out a restraining order against her mother, barring Love from any contact with the teen.

Love has turned her life around in recent years, at least publicly. She’s stopped using drugs, wrote the requisite reformed-celeb memoir, mercifully stopped making music, and aside from a quirky lawsuit involving Twitter and a spurned fashion designer last spring, has stayed underneath the celebrity-gossip radar.

So when a family dispute broke out, how did she handle it?

Love posted on her Facebook page Thursday: “I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this s has lost her position.” This came after Tuesday’s post that accused her daughter of being “deceptive” and “clearly deluded.”

First of all, I’m not sure how you threaten to disown your daughter — on Facebook, of all places — and not expect to come off as cold. But beyond that, I wonder why this has to play out publicly at all. All I can come up with is that a life lived entirely in the limelight — granted, a fading and increasingly mocking one — is hard to stop.

If we needed another parenting “what not to do — ever” story, we got one. Another heart-warming holiday story.

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