Find Halloween costume inspiration on Pinterest

With just four weeks to go until Halloween, I’m perusing Pinterest for great homemade costume ideas to 1.) Save money and 2.) Be unique.

Rather than having the typical costumes for boys, I’m thinking of branching out and trying something new. I especially like if there is a costume out there that we can do together as a family! Here are some great homemade costume ideas that can get your creative juices flowing:

Instagram App

Take it a step farther and Instagram a picture of your child as Instagram. #redundancy

Bathtub & Bubbles

I love this idea! I’m not sure how long the balloons would go without popping, but this seems simple to put together and you most likely have all the things you need somewhere in your home.

Cruella DeVil

I dare you to not look at this one and laugh uproariously. Genius and well-executed, this just might be one of my favorites.

Family of Angry Birds

Family costumes are right up our alley and putting these together would be a cinch! Toss in a few more piggies and I think you’re all set.

Lego Minifigures

Everyone has boxes in their house. Slap on some paint and call yourself a LEGO. What could be easier than that?

Don’t forget the pets! Why not dress up your dog like a little girl?

If you know someone who sews, most costumes can be made pretty easily. Some tips when planning to make a costume:

  • Use things you already have in our home. It’s free and easy to find.
  • The dollar store can be a great resource for finding things to use for costumes – plastic cups, gawdy accessories and styrofoam everything. The possibilities are endless!
  • Keep it simple. If it’s your first time, don’t plan to build an entire LEGO family. Stick to one or two figurines and make them great. If you’re making them for your children, they aren’t likely to know the difference.
  • Have fun! Dressing up for Halloween and costume parties should be fun. If you find yourself stressing or spending valuable sleeping hours gluing away, step away from the mod podge and do something else.

Do you make your costumes or buy them from the store? What’s the best homemade costume that you’ve seen? Share with us and head to myPinterest page for even more great ideas.

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