Halloween costume planning on Pinterest

With Halloween just a little over a month away, Pinterest is the perfect way to search for DIY costumes or to even get costume ideas. I love planning and preparing to get my kids dressed up and usually come up with an idea over the summer (yes, I’m crazy).

With Pinterest on the scene, I’ve been able to see some variations of what I imagined in my mind and it’s fun to see how different people have approached the same idea.

DIY costumes

Cabbage Patch Doll. This picture cracks me up because she not only looks like a doll, they even re-created the box the doll comes in!

Nacho Libre.I cannot stop laughing.

Dwight Schrute, anyone?

A washer, a dryer, laundry…and a bunch of other DIY ideas!

LEGO characters.

An Easy Mac cup??!

Ken & Barbie.

Buying costumes

If the DIY abilities of these pinners is intimidating, you can always go the route of buying your costume.

Buy me a peanut and crackerjacks!

A Whoopee-Cushion?This is borderline sad and hilarious.

Super Mario.

What in the world is a Twilight Twinkle Costume?

You can always try carrot top.

One of the things that has drawn me to Pinterest is the ability of someone to take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. I’m finding that these Halloween costumes are no exceptions (consider this plate of spaghetti out of yarn.

Whether you are just looking for ideas or plan to actually deck your kid out from head to toe, Pinterest is a great resource for creativity, ideas, and options. Have you stumbled on anything that you consider a Halloween gold mine?

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