Cosmotot’s Witchin’ Halloween Guide: Treats + Eats

Running from house to house, ringing doorbells lit by the flickering candelight of homemade Jack-o-lanterns and experiencing all the happy haunts the neighborhood has to offer is half the fun of Halloween. Depleting the block of its candy stores is just an added bonus.

But when your child has severe food allergies like our does, Halloween can feel much less safe. Though we know we’re not the only parents who squint and crinkle candy wrappers to make sure we haven’t missed even the tiniest trace ingredient inside, tricking and treating can suddenly become a lot less fun when you know you can’t savor the spoils afterward.

Thanks to Divvies, kids with food allergies (and even those without them), can feast on just as much sweet loot as every other princess, pirate, dragon, witch and fairy in the bunch. Their gourmet snacks are dairy free, peanut free, tree nut free, egg free and so yummy it’s scary.

Psst… Divvies recently published The Divvies Bakery Cookbook, so you can opt to make delectable Divvies treats whenever the cravings hit at home.

And, once the candy commandeering has calmed, snap kids out of their sugar high with Zebra Mix, baking kits that let kiddos take learn a little something in the kitchen while working on important academic skills like math, science and reading, along with critical thinking and creativity.

To make it fun and reducemess, each kit comes with a large fold-out Safari Baking Map with two levels of learning, and easy-to-follo, step-by-step illustrated instructions with word games, math and science challenges and much more. So along with baking, kids may just find a new way to look at time, learn how to read a scientific formula or create a pretzel that looks like an Alexander Calder sculpture.

Make any desserty treat you bake up a festive edible piece of art with Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves. Each pack comes with 12 self-adhesive sleeves in a wide range of designs – think Jack-o-lantern and Skully for Halloween. Simply wrap around your cupcake and frost/decorate the top to match. Total timesaver.

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