Coolest kids craft: Lego face jars

Lego fans come in a variety of ages, and this craft will please all of them. Put those baby food jars to good use at your next party or playdate to create original Lego face jars. Use them to hold crayons, hair ties or other little knick-knacks and they’ll always bring a smile to your face.


Glass baby jars

Yellow acrylic paint

Black Sharpie

White oil-based Sharpie (optional)



Remove the lid and label from the glass baby food jar. Clean thoroughly and dry.

Pour 1-2 tablespoons of the acrylic paint into the clean baby jar. If the paint is thin enough, put on the cover and shake the jar until the paint evenly coats the entire inside of the jar. You can pour out excess paint. If the paint is thicker, you may need to use a paintbrush to help spread the paint around to all of the inner surfaces.

Allow to dry and touch up if needed with a paintbrush.

Using a Sharpie and your imagination, create Lego faces on the exterior of the glass jar. Add glasses, eyebrows, beards or eye patches. For added details like teeth or eyes, use a white sharpie over the black.

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