The yummiest cookies in Chicago

Chicago has become almost as notorious for its cookies as for its winters. But it’s a bit tricky figuring out just which place to go when that sweet craving hits. But don’t fret! We rounded up two lucky kids to sample cookies so you could have this handy cookie chart.

Summer House Santa Monica

1954 N. Halsted St.,;  (773) 634-4100

The ambiance feels like a casual summer home, but it’s really a restaurant. The cookie area is out front, where there are comfy couches.

They’re 5 ounces, and the size of your head. You can taste the sugar, butter and chocolate chunks. Plus, they have gluten-free options.

Rice-crispy chocolate chip ($2.95). It’s a gigantic chocolate chip cookie with small rice-crispy treats popped on top.


519 N. Clark St.,;  (312) 284-1377

This trendy, rustic Near North spot especially known for its brunch fare has a bakery. It’s popular with kids and hipsters alike.

The cookies are huge—they cover a salad plate. They’re slightly crunchy but soft and chewy too. They have gluten-free options.

The Chocolate Chunk cookie ($2.95) was one of the best. The chunks of chocolate were massive, and the cookie was deliciously crisp.


2260 N. Lincoln Ave.,; (877) 63-COOKIE

What makes this place unique is that they deliver, and they deliver late at night. They also ship if you’re outside of the delivery area.

They’re soft, and they taste just like you make them if you turned on your oven (these are great if you want to pretend that you baked).

The S’mores cookie ($2.75) is a hit with kids and adults who like their cookies sweet and gooey. It’s a fun twist on the summer classic.

Sweet Mandy B’s

1208 W. Webster Ave.,; (773) 244-1174

Walk into this sweet Lincoln Park bakery and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time into an old-fashioned bakery where kids rule.

They’re big, sweet and made fresh daily. They taste like cookies a grandmother would serve you with a big glass of milk.

The Iced Sugar ($2.95), a sugar cookie smothered in cupcake frosting, was incredible. The best parts of a cupcake and cookie, together.


2246 W. North Ave.,; (773) 384-7655

It’s a hip newcomer and the bakery is a haven for anyone who’s craving everything from a jumbo cookie to a scone or a cup of coffee.

They’re large, colorful, soft and buttery. The kids were drawn to the sprinkle cookies while adults dig the rich, chocolate-filled cookies.

The Flourless Chocolate Cookie ($2.25) was slighty crisp on the outside and a little gooey on the inside, a chocolate lover’s dream.

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