Sunday’s religious experience (at Old Town School of Folk Music)

When I started out on this blog,I think I may have mentioned my intention to write a bit about fabricating some sort of work/life balance. Well, work has gotten the best of me and has left the “life” part (of which my writing is included) firmly planted on the ground like a chubby kid alone on the see saw.

The past two weeks have involved me being on four airplanes and traveling to such exotic locales as New York City and New Orleans. Both trips were for work, however, so I barely got time to get covered in powdered sugary goodness in New Orleans before it was time to head to the networking tent. I was more than impressed with NOLA, but coming back on Saturday meant that my weekend was halfway shot and we had no plans for Sunday.

As the social chair of our household, I was failing. Miserably.

As luck would have it, Sunday morning we got wind of a kids’ concert happening later that morning at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Lincoln Square. Luckily the show wasn’t sold out, so we hopped on over and took little yet-to-be-2 Eli to his first live concert.

This kid LOVES music. He asks for classical or jazz or rock depending on his mood, and one of my husband’s greatest joys is creating playlists for our future Pandora enthusiast.

The auditorium at the Old Town School on Lincoln is cozy, and was packed to the brim with kidlets of all ages (well, all ages under 6). We grabbed a spot in back center and waited for the good times to begin. Right on time, Little Miss Ann comes on stage, the lights flicker down, and I make sure that Eli can see.

Eli is captivated from the first pluck on the guitar. And by the time Ann pelts out her fun-loving rendition of “Waltzing Matilda” three songs later, I am bawling, just in awe watching him transfixed clapping his little hands and bopping his head for good measure. I had forgotten the magic of watching your child take in something new and was baby-struck for the first time in too long.

I want more of that. I cannot wait for the summer and all of the kids’ concerts that she brings. We are so lucky to live in a town like Chicago where we are so well stocked with local artists dedicated to bringing music and joy to our children and this ourselves.

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