The Clutter Diet: Behind closed doors

Let’s face it, most of us use our closets as catchalls, meaning that what goes in might never come back out as it gets shoved randomly on the rod or stacked up out of sight. And forget about taking inventory or reorganizing its contents – who has the time or the energy for a long project like that, especially with kids clamoring for attention, jobs to get done and errands to run?

With Simple Division Garment Organizers from professional organizing service, The Clutter Diet, clean-up suddenly becomes a snap since pre-printed self-adhesive labels in English in Spanish quickly and easily enable anyone to put clothes away in the right place. They’re great when it comes to managing hand-me-downs or even for dividing up garments by season. Using them to organize baby and toddler clothing is ideal, too, especially since wee ones grow out of their new duds seemingly almost daily.

Each unit includes 60 bilingual wardrobe labels and 12 dividers (print your own labels directly from the site if your own system of labeling works better for you).

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