Close encounters with the animal kingdom

The first step into the dolphin tank is the moment fantasy turns reality. Only reality is better than you ever imagined.

Standing in waist-deep, 80-degree water, face to face with an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, you can reach out and touch him. With his trainer at your side, you can send him into a high flip in the air, dance in the water with him, reward him with fish and even get a kiss.

The Indianapolis Zoo is the only place in the Midwest where you can get into the water with some of the zoo’s eight amazing dolphins. It is a best-kept secret well worth sharing.

The experience begins with learning about dolphins in a classroom near the pool, followed by the dolphin show and the dolphin encounter.

Many people can only admire the dolphins from a distance, but you’ll be astonished by how great these animals are up close.

“It’s a great experience for anyone,” says Indianapolis Zoo dolphin trainer Kelly Tabor. “It allows people a closer look at dolphins that might help them realize why we need to protect dolphins and how they are important to our world.”

The zoo’s Dolphin In-Water Adventure is 90 minutes that will last a lifetime.

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