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Chicago’s best playgrounds

Sure, the playground you love and visit most will be the one closest to home, but isn’t it nice to know wherever you travel with kids in the city, you’ll be near a spiffy public playground to sweeten the outing? There are more than 500 playgrounds in Chicago. What’s your favorite?

20 can’t-miss iconic locations in Chicago

The 7 best children’s museums in Chicago

Museums with kids? Sign us up. At least when it comes to these awesome children’s museums, which have fun attractions for every member of your family.

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Spend a day in Chicago’s Loop

Lately it seems everyone on the El has their heads down, eyesglued to their smart phones or tablets. Which means they’recompletely missing our favorite thing about the ride: the greatviews of the city. We took a trip around the loop and made a planfor your family to enjoy a whole day on the CTA Orange Line.

Nighttime Chicago family outings

Parents know kids need to go to bed at a reasonable hour inorder to be well-rested. However, during the lazy summer months,bedtimes are more flexible than firm and special outings trumpsensible behavior. Take advantage of the balmy evening hours toenjoy some “nightlife” as a family and burn a little midnight (morelike 10 p.m.) oil. Here are a few fun options for after-darkactivities.

Chicago neighborhood guides

Chicago is always called a city of neighborhoods, and it is so true. We love how each pocket of this big city can still feel like a cozy community with it’s own unique restuarants, shops, playgrounds and more. Here are some of our favorite picks from neighborhoods around the city to help your family explore.

Tour Chicago with your family

Whether you’re a native or a newbie, Chicago tours offer a way to see a part of the city you might not have seen before. From food tours to walking trips for little feet, we’ve got a great list to get you started exploring this great urban landscape. Plus, we designed plenty of our own, customized (and FREE) tours to explore the city and suburbs.

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