How to explain big city problems to kids

Navigating the world with your child, especially if you live in the city, is like sailing through a reef of violence, poverty, perversion, and ugly Forever Yogurt storefronts. So, what do you say to your child the first time they see a disgusting anti-vivisection sign or a someone using a parking space as a bathroom? The truth hurts and the comedy gets dark as the Dads investigate…

From protest songs about vivisection, abortion, cleft lip and palette repair to persecution of the Falun Gong, to vagrants, to pushers, to just plain ol’ crazies, it’s tough to walk down the street in Chi-town, New York, or anywhere else if your kid is in tow. So what do you tell a kid about the horrible inequalities and cruelties all around them? Do you use a catch-all phrase? Do you gloss it over? Do you just move to Naperville with everyone else? As usual, the Dads come up with more questions than answers, but there’s a tinge of reality and sadness to this otherwise comic episode. (It’s a little more real than the “penis saver” show.)

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