Cirque Italia puts a unique twist on the traditional circus

Cirque Italia Water Circus is coming to Orland Square this month! The family-friendly show —  featuring a 35,000 gallon custom water stage — is known for its very traditional, intimate and engaging elements.  

Cirque Italia started in 2012 and has officially been traveling on tour for about four years, while showcasing two different shows. Recently, I sat down and interviewed the show’s COO and Producer Chante Demoustes to learn more about Cirque Italia Water Circus. 

How is your show different from any other circus shows out there? 

Under our tent it doesn’t feel like a show, it feels more like an intimate family show. Our staff is very engaged with the fans that come to the show and it’s very interactive. It doesn’t feel so corporate or like a large production when you’re sitting at one of our shows. The performers see our fans and directly interact with them. 

In Europe, an Italian Show is like a family event under the tent and that’s what we brought to this show. Our guests are family, so we show them much respect and make them feel as if they belong in the show.  

How many performers perform in each show? 

We have 22 performers at each show and all of them perform various acts. They come from all over the world; Italy, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Mexico and several other places. 

What kind of acts do you have in your show? 

-A prehistoric dinosaur  pet

-Mermaids that little girls love (They will have the opportunity to take photos with them during intermission.)

-An Argentinian clown who rides the world’s smallest bicycle

-A jet ski act under the tent and water stage

-Laser Man

-A singer who performs upside down

-A high wire act who walks blindfolded

-A contortionist

-An aerial tango dance-BMX tricks (Little boys typically love this act!)

-A rollerskating couple

How much do tickets cost? 

The adult tickets in the top section are $25, tickets in the middle section are $40 and VIP tickets are $50. We also do a special promotion for families: when you buy an adult ticket for the top or middle section, you will get a free ticket for a child to attend the show. 

What do the VIP tickets include?

VIPs get a more interactive experience as they are up in the front.  Where can tickets be purchased? Tickets can be purchased online at, by calling 941-704-8572 or in person at the onsite box office.  

How long does each show last?  

Each show is two hours long with a 30 minute intermission. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with me? 

Our show is coming to the suburbs. For fans that don’t want to commute into Chicago traffic and pay for parking, this is a more affordable option. It’s two hours of live entertainment and families leave with lifetime memories. 

If you go

Cirque Italia Water Circus

July 6-9, 14-16

288 Orland Square Drive

Near The East Parking Lot between JCPenney & Sears 

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