Ratcheting up the Christmas spirit

With less than two weeks until Christmas I have succeeded in breaking my own personal record of procrastination. I have yet to buy one present for anyone. I haven’t even contemplated shopping until I started typing this piece. It seems I’m not the only one to forget the merry season that is upon us. Mother Nature has blessed us with a seasonable warm fall that has been all but absent of that powdered white stuff (that shall not be named) that falls from the sky all too often in November and December. If she can’t get into the Christmas spirit then why should I? But, I have been trying my best…

Last week I made my first attempt to embrace the holiday season. My son’s school put on a wonderful Christmas show with that great holiday theme of “The Wizard of Oz.” Ok, so maybe Dorothy tip toeing though Oz doesn’t conjure up chestnuts roasting on an open fire, but the kids did a great job and were able to tie in a wonderful holiday message. Christmas spirit level- 3

On Saturday we were able to use our membership at the Museum of Science and Industry and check out their annual “Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light Celebration.” For 70 years the museum has offered this celebration as a way to explore cultures from around the world. The Belgian tree was a big hit in our family with two of the three members being citizens of Belgium. I took a minute to myself in front of the USA tree reflecting on my national pride. They best part of all this is snapping photos for your friends and family members of the trees representing their heritage. The museum is all decked out in Dr. Suess in honor of the temporary exhibit “There’s Fun to Be Done! Dr Seuss & The Art of Invention.” It looks amazing and is always one of my favorite spots in the city! Christmas spirit level- 6

On Sunday we decided to head up to Evanston and enjoy the sunny day and check out the family themed Christmas flick “Arthur Christmas.” From what I saw it was a pretty good Christmas film. My son really liked it. Now, notice I said “from what I saw,” you see I was so worn out from Christmas spirit (of that bread bowl of chili I had at Panera Bread right before) that I fell fast asleep as soon as the film started. BEST SLEEP EVER! Christmas spirit level- 7

So what does this week have in store? Well Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo are on the list, along with another show at my son’s school and maybe, just maybe I will get myself out there to buy some gifts for the ones I love. Here is to hoping my Christmas spirit doesn’t sink like my bank account! Christmas spirit level- 9

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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