Big long letters to everyone

This week the Dads discussChristmas cards: sending them, NOT sending them, and the dreaded Christmas newsletter.

D.M. colorfully expressed his distaste for the newsletters and their length, and Matt dreads their maudlin contents, especially the inevitable dead pets. Todd likes the letters, but he doesn’t send ANYONE Christmas cards (because he can’t muster “the drive”), so his opinion is moot.

The Engels send out New Years cards instead of Christmas cards, which the Roccos always lose so they can’t find his D.M.’s address the next year. Ebeneezer Todd is waiting until everyone gets fed up with him and stops sending cards, then he’ll send out one round to build the goodwill back up for a few more years.Meanwhile the Roccos can’t figure out how to keep their daughter still for a photo and Todd suggest a terrifying solution.

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Happy Holidays!

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