Children’s Book Week: Favorite books of our staff and readers

This week, May 13-19 is Children’s Book Week. The annual celebration of children’s literacy 1919. This year, official events are happening in all 50 states. In Illinois, Magic Tree Bookstore of Oak Park is hosting two YA events on May 17 and 18.

In honor of Children’s Book Week, we asked around the office and on Facebook to find out what our staff and readers’ favorite books were growing up. Here are some of their answers:

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In honor of Children’s Book Week, we asked around the office and on Facebook to find out what our staff and reader’s favorite books were growing up.

“The artwork is beyond beautiful. My son and I would spend hoursporing over it. This is the perfect bed time book.”

Tamara O’Shaughnessy, Editor

Ship of Dreams

“There’s something about it that grabbed my attention. Thishouse is being devoured by the city but is towed back to thecountry.”

Dan Haley, Publisher

The Little House

“our fave book right now ‘The Three Questions'” –@Pennies_of_Time

“My 2-yr old loves ‘Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster’ byMichelle Nelson-Schmidt” – @UsborneBooks_CA

“We love Larry Gets Lost in Chicago, and my son references itwhen we go places ‘just like Larry did!'” –@observacious

“In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak was probably theheaviest in our rotation when my son was small” –@ShesAllRight

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From our Twitter followers

“This is the first book I remember reading on my own.”

Elizabeth Diffin, Associate Editor

Frog and Toad Are Friends

“I loved Corduroy growing up. My brother and I used to thinkabout what we would do if we stayed in the store over night andwhat adventures we’d have.”

Alaina Buzas, Digital Content Editor


“My favorite? Curious George! Anything with that naughty monkey!Loved him then and love him now. My children both love books, buthave such different tastes. The only book that both of them lovedequally was ‘Ten in the Bed,’ by Penny Dale. I miss thosedays…reading that book and snuggling. Sniff. I’ll go crynow.”

Nicole Kane Knepper

“Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Excellentillustrations!”

Robyn Butler

“Oh so many! Blueberries for Sal, My Nest is the Best, Go DogGo, Wacky Wednesday, Baby Animals. I could go on. Oh and the SweetPickles series and Busy Town Series!!”

Shantell Brunson Peters

“Charlotte’s Web. I still have my copy fromschool.”

Ronda Parks

“My favorite was the Judith Viorst books, I loved that Alexanderkid. My daughter also loves those books too. We have been readingthe Cork and Fuzz books we think those are funny.”

Jenny Kay

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From our Facebook friends

“The mouse family is trying to find a place to live. It’s supercute.”

Adrienne Smith, Area Sales Manager

Mouse’s House

“Katy and the Big Snow has everything a construction-obsessedchild could want – bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, fireengines. It’s still my favorite book to read to my mom’skindergarten class.”

Graham Johnston, Manager of Internet andTechnology

Katy and the Big Snow

“The Giving Tree and Corduroy! Oh and I LOVE reading The SevenSilly Eaters.”

Meredith Sinclair, Trending

“Green Eggs & Ham. It spoke to me. Still a little bummedthat he gave in at the end and ate those nasty things….”

Marianne Walsh, Failing withGusto

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