ChiIl Out Because Life Doesn’t End With Birth

Remember back before children (BC) when an all nighter meant fun times out with friends, hearing live music. Now it more often means a sleepless night with sick children or waiting up anxiously for wayward teens. It doesn’t have to be that way.

At ChiIL Out and our sister blog, ChiIL Mama, we’ll bring you the best ideas for family friendly shows and ideas for parents nights out. We’ll also take you behind the scenes with musician interviews, and let you live vicariously through photos and videos when you can’t get out.

We have ELEVEN, never before seen, band interviews to start the year off right, and more lined up. We’ll be parceling them out for months to come. Enjoy!

We’ve now interviewed 3 bands with both Mom and Dad in them, 3 bands full of just the kids 13-16 (oh yeah…….and a 25 year old babysitter). And a number of kids punk and indie (kindie) bands. It’s been so much fun getting to know everyone better and hearing everyone’s take on topics like music, life, the environment, how creatives parent, and how parents create.

Here’s a little sampler of what you can look forward to:

We’re All Punk Parents: Interview with members of

  • WALLY DOGGER-You can check out all their new tracks FREE on their site–fun stuff!

We talked to a mix of parents who overlapped in many of the 5 bands above. Our interview includes a couple dads and rockin’ punk mama, Ellen, who sings, plays a wicked bass, and can still spout a plume of beer on stage, with the best of ’em. Hear them expound on how parenting littles has changed their writing tempo and their lives, and Ellen’s brilliantly snarky, kittencentric rant about parenting philosophy.

One of the dads we interviewed from The Noses is award winning playwright, Brett Neveu, who has two world premiers in Chicago right now. Odradek is playing at The House Theatre in Wicker Park and Do The Hustle is playing at Writers’ Theatre in Glencoe. Check out our past coverage on these guys HERE and HERE.

How Far To Austin: Interview with Tate and Katie, band mates and life mates who walk together, rock together, and have a four year old daughter, Grace. Check out their interview for insight on children as music critics. If their daughter runs down the hall naked, humming the melody, they know they might have something there, and it’s likely to make the cut.

These guys are talented and genuinely nice. I was relieved to make it through the interview without calling’ em Kate and Tatie or inverting the locations on their band name and new release–respectivelyHow Far To Austin and Goodnight Madison. We also had a fun, chat with their drummer, who is a proud father to 6 year old son and potential future drummer, Tyson. We’ll be featuring ticket give aways to all their upcoming shows and have 4 copies of Goodnight Madison for upcoming Win A Disc Wednesdays.

Kindie Rock Scene–Interviews With:

The Verve Pipe-playing dual tours for kids by day, adults by night
Candy Band
Mr. Singer and The Sharp Cookies
Human Tim & Robot Tim
The Poochamungas

**We also have loads of CDs from many of these bands, for lucky weekly winners at chiIL Mama

Kids Rock–Interviews With Bands Comprised of 13-16 year olds:
Purple Apple
The Blisters
When Flying Feels Like Falling

So check in at ChiIL Out like we vote in Chicago–early and often.

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