Chicago’s Second City opens doors to those on the spectrum

Teens and adults with autism have a fun new way to explore relationships and social cues thanks to The Second City’s Improv for ASD’s 12-week mentoring program.

Using improv games and exercises lead by Second City Training Center experts, the program allows individuals to break out of their shells. They also learn teamwork, confidence and listening.

Child psychologist Dr. Robert E. Daniels, of the Chicago Children’s Clinic, routinely refers his patients to Second City. “The improv workshops and camps perfectly complement what we do in therapy, providing an outlet for creativity and an opportunity to form strong friendships,” he says.

According to Daniels, Second City’s take on autism therapy is innovative. Research has shown that children learn at their best while having fun with friends.

What makes the classes different is a slower pace, more facilitators and an increased effort to make them more comfortable.

Second City Training Center

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  • The course is 5.

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