Chicago’s newest Blackhawk fan sets new Hockey Hall of Fame Record for youngest baby in Stanley Cup

A World Series can wait: Chicago now owns a completely pointless, yet completely adorable sports record.

At just 97 minutes old, Elena Ruth Knickerbocker, daughter ofChicago Blackhawks marketing director Dave Knickerbocker, shattered the Hockey Hall of Fame’s record for youngest newborn in the Stanley Cup yesterday.

Just over an hour and a half from hospital to hardware – not bad.

The previous mark of about six hours old was set in 2004 in San Jose. Howie Borrow, Keeper of Cup for the Hockey Hall of Fame, was there to verify the new world record.

Unofficially, Elena broke an in-house record: The 3-week-old Olivia, the daughter of a Comcast Sports Net employee, was in the Cup last week when it made a stop in the network’s studios, but no Hall of Fame staffer was there to authenticate it. Luckily, there’s video:

Congrats to Dave and his wife Kim and welcome to life as a Chicago sports fan, Elena. Best to keep a long view of things.

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