The most popular Chicago baby names 2015

Hip and trendy Chicago moms are picking some really cool names for their babes ahead of baby name trends, making Logan, Aiden, Matthew and Anthony top 10 contenders for little guys and Ava, Ariana, Camila and Alexa most popular for their girlies.

That’s the conclusion of the nation’s No. 1 baby name guru, Bruce Lansky, when we convinced him to give us the lowdown on how the Windy City stacks up against national baby name trends.

Lansky just released his new book 100,000+ Baby Names, a must-read for new parents searching for a perfect name. This year’s edition includes new names, naming trends and predictions on hot names.

If you want to pick a cool name, Lansky says to choose a place or steal the last names of celebs, as in Aniston or Beckham, or a favorite character in a book or movie.

“To me, nirvana is when the parents pick a name that is positive for the child in his or her lifetime and parents enjoy using,” Lansky says.


  1. Noah, tied
  2. Logan, 13th nationally. Lansky predicts Logan will jump into the top 10 nationally in 2016.
  3. Mason, tied
  4. Jacob, tied
  5. Alexander, 8th nationally
  6. Aiden, 14th nationally
  7. Matthew, 16th nationally
  8. Anthony, 21st nationally
  9. Liam, 2nd nationally
  10. Ethan, 6th nationally


  1. Ava, 5th nationally
  2. Sophia, 3rd nationally
  3. Mia, 6th nationally
  4. Isabella, tied
  5. Olivia, 2nd nationally
  6. Abigail, 10th nationally
  7. Emma, 1st nationally
  8. Ariana, 37th nationally
  9. Alexa, 63rd nationally
  10. Camila, 41st nationally
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