You’ve never really lived until you become a parent

I’ve probably walked out of eleven million doors in my lifetime, but the hardest remains my home. Something shifted and it seems as if missing out on things happening outside my home isn’t such a big deal anymore.

Being somewhat young parents, our friends find my wife and I boring because we always do the simplest things for fun: go to a movie, the park, an art gallery or museum, have wine on our balcony, read or just talk to each other. Before Jett was born, people constantly told us that our lives were “over,” and we weren’t going to be able to go out for years. Out of all the things people told us about parenthood, this was probably the most untrue. The truth is we have never felt more alive or more excited to get out and experience things! Now we have an excuse to do more of the things we love!

Now when I get the “Bro, the party was amazing” text, I counter it with “Dude, Jett rolled over last night, it was crazy! I wonder what she will do today!” Every day she’s doing something for the first time and it’s so cool to witness!

If you’re about to have a child, prepare to start living for the first time. Prepare to love more. To care. To be aware. To pay attention. To sacrifice. To cheer. To make up hit records that no one will ever hear outside of the walls of your home. To become photogenic or a photographer. To learn how to celebrate the small victories in life that are often overlooked. To travel for purpose and truly experience wherever it is you choose to go. To provide a first.

When you have a child, life becomes this new, amazing movie that you won’t want to miss a single scene of.

Remember, you can’t TIVO life.

– Marty

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