The best creative sidewalk chalk ideas for kids on Pinterest

With the gorgeous weather this past week, we have used sidewalk chalk almost every single day. Easily washable and fun to create pictures on concrete, sidewalks and driveways, the boys love it and I’ve seen on Facebook, adults seem to love it too! I decided to do a round-up of some great pins about sidewalk chalk for you to try at home (bringing some fresh ideas to a classic activity).

1. What’s in a Name?

I actually did this pin about two years ago with my son, Jack. With a diaper behind his head, I created this quick shot and loved the result. I plan to utilize this picture, framed and in a new room. You can also create something special with all of your children, whatever age they may be and a masterful piece of art will be the result!

2. My Little Angel

Use chalk to create scenes with your little one. The outline of an angel or other characters can help your child think outside the box in creating their backdrop, but also give you some great photo-ops.

3. Faces Space

Maybe you can give your child a new canvas by creating a blank face and letting them create with additional pieces. Let them use their imagination to create a new face each time. You’re outside, so things like twigs, sticks, rocks, pebbles, grass can all make those funny faces shine!

4. Water Balloon Targets

This idea has the potential to backfire on you, moms and dads, but will be really fun nonetheless. Create targets on the ground with the chalk, fill water balloons and let your crew try to earn points by tossing the balloons into the targets. If all else fails, just have a good old-fashioned water balloon fight (but be sure to grab the garden hose for yourself!)

5. Education Inspiration

If you’re feeling inspired to educate your kiddos in the summer months, you can also use sidewalk chalk to help your kids learn something new. This pin about forming the star constellations with chalk & rocks is perfect to illustrate them, but also fun to put together. (Personally, I could use a lesson in the stars again!)

Don’t have sidewalk chalk handy, but could use a medium for kids to create outside? Try out liquid sidewalk chalkusing things in your home – cornstarch, water & food coloring! The best part about using chalk or chalk “paint” is that you can have a new canvas in a moment’s notice. It’s a great activity also if you’re having a summer party or morning playdate before the weather turns sweltering.

Have a favorite chalk pin you’d love to share? Let us know on our Pinterest page.

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