Chalk it up to fin

Summer’s a great time to head outside to play with the kids. For some inexpensive fun, grab your sidewalk chalk and create driveway masterpieces. Buy a box of chalk at the store or expand the fun by using the recipe below to make your own:

2 cups of plaster of Paris

2 cups water

Tempera paint

Mix the plaster of Paris and the water together. Mix in two tablespoons of tempera paint, more or less, to achieve your desired color.

Next comes the fun part. Pour this mixture into the mold of your choice. Use the paper cups from your bathroom, empty toilet paper rolls or even candy molds to make chalk. Candy molds provide the most fun because you can mold your chalk in shapes from bugs to teddy bears.

Set the molds aside to dry, which can take a couple of hours to a day, depending on the size of your mold. Once the chalk is dry, remove it carefully from the mold and check for any moist spots. If it is wet, let it sit until you no longer feel any moisture.

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