Celebrate National Sibling Day April 10

Your Life

Twin sisters Lisa Hanson and Heather Kempskie have filled their new book with ideas to encourage sibling togetherness and stop sibling fighting. Here’s one sure-to-get-them-laughing idea from The Siblings’ Busy Book ($9.95, Meadowbrook Press):

Pick a Move

This activity combines chance with imagination to get the family moving. Supplies: A deck of cards and a watch or clock.

Remove the face cards from the deck. Have the kids sit on the floor in a circle and place the remaining cards face down in the center. Have the first player choose a movement—like hopping on one foot, running in place, skipping—then have him pick a card. The number on the card indicates how many seconds he must perform that activity. For instance, if he chooses to do jumping jacks and picks a nine card, he must do jumping jacks for nine seconds. When he’s done, the next player thinks of a movement and picks a card. To make it more challenging for older kids, have the kids do their movements with their eyes closed.

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