Cardboard sock characters

Stray baby socks make the perfect winter hats for homemade characters. Throw in an empty paper towel roll and some decorations for a project that your child will love to incorporate into her creative play.


Cut one paper towel roll into two uneven sizes (one for an”adult-sized” character and the shorter one for a “child-sized”character).

Repeat with more paper towel rolls if you want to createadditional cardboard characters. Make sure each character has aflat bottom so he can stand upright without tipping over. Painteach section a different color using tempera or poster paints. Setaside to dry. Cut ovals from colored paper to use as faces. Use amarker to draw in simple faces on the ovals. Cut hand shapes fromcolored paper. Glue the face ovals and hand shapes onto eachcardboard character.

To create the winter hats, trim the toe section off of the socksand discard. Fold the top of each sock tube to form a cuff andplace it onto each tube section. Tie the top of each hat closedwith colorful yarn or ribbon.


  • Several adult-sized, stray socks (anklet socks made from astretchy material work well)
  • Uncooked rice or flax seed (about 1 cup for each critter)
  • Scissors, craft glue
  • Small, colored pom-poms,
  • felt sheets, glue-on eyes, string or yarn, small buttons
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