Indulge your sweet tooth at Chicago’s Candyality

February is the sweetest month, so why not celebrate by visiting a place where sugar reigns supreme?

That’s the beauty of Candyality, an old-fashioned candy store with a modern edge. At Candyality, they believe “you are what you eat,”which is why each candy bin explains what your choice says about you. (My beloved yogurt-covered pretzels apparently peg me as well-rounded.)

The store overflows with sugary goodness, from the bins of gummies to the licorice bar, the loose candies to the M&M mixing station. There’s even a selection of “Chicago Celebrity Truffles”-the “Rahm” packs a punch with Cappuccino flavor.

Candyality’s Water Tower Place location also is home to the Life is Sweet Candy Museum, a section that explains Chicago’s candy history, plus peeks at some pop culture treasures like Willy Wonka and Candyland.

We liked the fun Project Runway-esque dresses and shoes made from candy wrappers and the skyline mural made by CPS students completely out of Jelly Bellys.

But our favorite part of the store? A vintage dentist’s chair, complete with a reminder to brush.

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