How can you say thank you?

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It was my birthday last month and it was the kind of number that, if you doubled it, would make a pretty admirable milestone by most people’s standards.Those “special days” can get you thinking. I walked into the office here at Chicago Parent that morning to find my desk decorated in birthday attire along with wonderful gifts, one was among the most thoughtful gifts of membership I ever received.My family will end up using the gift more than me, and that works great for me.It was kind and gracious, the kind of thing that I did not buy for myself this year for several reasons.Most of all, the gift was humbling. It reminds me that friends and their deeds are a true gifts from God.

In my department, you see, I am the only guy. I get to hear all the girl talk, the family stuff, the kids stuff, the tough parent stuff that most guys, dads, just ignore.Kinda hard to ignore here.And after a few years here now, I am starting to understand what my wife used to want to share with me about her fellow teachers and other workmates.I didn’t really know how to respond to her back then, mostly I smiled and nodded.Perhaps this is yet another gift.

I work with women (and yes, there are men in other departments) that I admire and respect.My funny bone has found a special name for each of these great ladies.Let me share a glimpse of what and who I get to experience each workday:

Nicollette Lord is the mom of three who knows just about everyone and everything that is going on. She is always connected and concerned about the pulse of her people.Goodness Gracious comes from a large, loving family.She is young, vibrant, sharp, passionate and motherhood is in her genes. Winnie Right is a mom of one intelligent young man and resourcefully finds ways to make things work.

Circle Belle Renniks has an occasional crazy theatrical side, but is a true doll and caring mom. Ms. Kimness is a true rollercoaster riot and mother of two adorable and loved children.Life at CP is never dull when she is in her groove. Breezy Kirsack keeps the back end of our office running and covers our backside.Her mere presence reminds us what life was like before parenthood. Enga Dawnstrom knows the downtown happenings while guiding her daughter through her college years.Times change and Enga adapts with true grace.Our leader, Fearless Fancy, can stir a pot and cook that special feast while her compassionate spirit surfaces in troubled times.Raising two teenagers is a rewarding challenge and Fancy does it fearlessly.

The spirit of the women of CP Sales is one of dedication and truth that aspires to greatness with compassion.Don’t get me wrong, I like sports and hanging out with the guys, but I have come to a better understanding of this still foreign world. Working moms.Co-workers. Friends.You rock!How can I ever say thank you?

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