4 products your little camper will need this summer

Label. Every. Single. Thing.

Mabel’s Labels makes it super easy to make sure what you send to camp actually makes its way back home. Check out the company’s Limited Edition Camp Combo Pack for waterproof labels and personalized tags for clothes, toiletries, swim gear and everything else they pack. The pack even comes with five postcards the kids can send home (like that will happen).

3 tips for a positive camp experience

Whether it’s your child’s first or fifth time away at summer camp, there are certain must-do’s:

1. Encourage independence. Try not to stress how much you (Grandma, the hamster, the mailman) miss him/her. Mention how proud you are instead.

2. Write letters mailed the old-fashioned way.

3. Set a good example, i.e. if food isn’t allowed, don’t sew a secret pouch into your child’s pillow to sneak snacks. You’ll not only teach your child that breaking the rules is OK, but their bunkmates may have a food allergy.

– Joani Plenty, 30 Second Mom contributor

$39.95, mabelslabels.com

Bugs begone

It’s no secret kids hate being sprayed with stinky, sticky chemical bug sprays. Moms don’t like it much either. Now there’s a new way to keep mosquitoes away. Mosquitno has created wristbands (lasts 150 hours) and stickers (each lasts 72 hours) infused with citronella oil, something those blood suckers really hate.

$3.99 for each, mosquitnoband.com

Keep ’em hydrated

Day campers and overnight campers need to drink lots of water to keep the summer healthy and fun. Nalgene has you covered with its wide variety of BPA-free water bottles. Our favorite is the On The Fly bottle that is leak proof, easy to carry and the opening is big enough for ice cubes.

$10-$15, nalgene.com

Start with a smile

You have to buy a tube of toothpaste for away camp anyway, so why not change things up for the summer and greet your camper with a friendly hello every morning? There’s a new fluoride toothpaste in town, hello, that comes in blue raspberry, bubble gum and green apple sans artificial ingredients.

$3.99, Target

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