A diaper on every bottom: Help keep a Chicago baby clean and dry this holiday season

Families have cut a lot of things during the recession: dinners out, vacations, morning lattes. But diapers? Sad, but true – and one Chicago nonprofit is rolling up their sleeves for a little dirty work.

In June, Brenna Woodley launched the Chicago branch of the Bundle of Joy Diaper Bank. The goal of Bundle of Joy is to provide fresh diapers to parents in need across the Chicago area. Since its inception, 50,000 diapers have been donated.

Now Woodley and her team have set a new goal: 100,000 diapers in 31 days. During the month of December, Bundle of Joy will be running its 100,000 Diapers Campaign to collect and distribute a mass diapers to Chicago families.

“We wanted to be ambitious,” says Woodley, director of Bundle of Joy. “Sometimes it helps if you give a time frame, and you’re able to show progress on your website. It inspires people to act.”

Woodley has tapped into big-name websites to meet its goal. At Target.com and Amazon.com, you can buy diapers and have them sent directly to Bundle of Joy. In addition, drop-boxes at businesses around Chicago will help fill the coffers. Some families have held “diaper parties” or baby showers where they ask their guests to hold the gifts and instead bring diapers for Bundle of Joy.

“When I meet with people and I tell them that you can’t use government assistance to buy diapers … I’ve yet to have anyone say, ‘I don’t want to participate in that,'” says Woodley.

For more information on how you can volunteer with Bundle of Joy or donate to its cause, visit bundleofjoydiaperbank.org.or call (312) 320-8385.

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