Bummas: Bum deal

No one likes a scratchy, itchy, rashy bum, especially babies who don’t get much time in the buff. And, in an age when parents are all about nixing the use of powders, talcs and ointments, Bummas make sore little bottoms feel better.

Created by two fist-time parents who decided there is definitely such a thing as too much friendly advice when it comes to caring for bitty bottoms, the re-usable, eco-friendly cloths look like mini washcloths, and are highly absorbent, which is ideal for keeping baby bums dry, fresh and more importantly, chemical free.

Each 100% cotton cloth is extra soft for wiping and sized just big enough to block surprise squirts. With a little bit of water, they can also effectively replace wet wipes for gentle clean up of sensitive areas. Their small size makes them easy to tote on the go and they’re even durable enough to stand up to wash after wash without pilling, shrinking of fading.

I guess you could say they make the dispensable indispensable.

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